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Tools for his professional practice

Welcoming international researchers

Context & objective

International attractiveness is a major challenge for establishments. Fostering its development involves up-to-date knowledge of regulatory aspects and appropriate reception procedures.

> Understanding complex regulations
> Anticipate regulatory changes
> Increase the expertise of the protagonists for the implementation of innovative and enlightened systems
> Situate the functions of each interlocutor of the foreign researcher within the system
> Exchange and share experiences and best practices


Module 1: state of the regulations

  • Understand the legislative apparatus relating to the reception of international researchers inventory and history

  • Distinguish between the systems of the countries of the European community, of third countries

  • Identify the reception systems on HR aspects in particular (agreements, chair, co-supervision, etc.)

  • Know the different visas and their functions

  • Apply the social rights linked to the types of contracts

  • Become aware of particular cases of intellectual property, patents, specific hosting agreements, refugees, security and defense officials, etc.

  • Identify and prevent the risks incurred by the reception structures

Module 2: the factors of international attractiveness

  • Take note of an inventory of fixtures by a statistical approach durations of obtaining visas, geographical origins of the researchers, networks of privileged access concerning the prospects of employment in France...

  • Understanding the journey of the foreign researcher

  • Know the visas and the principles of administrative reception

  • Health, housing, banking the three pet peeves of the international researcher

  • The family of the foreign researcher

  • Identify the internal procedures of the establishment, the procedures for access to training

Module 3: Analysis of concrete cases and some points of attention

  • Concrete case studies allowing to approach and analyze the reception procedures and to deepen the elements approached previously.

  • Cultural gap a few points of attention.

  • Plan the integration and skills development of HR issues

  • The post-contract of the foreign researcher rights, restrictions

Pedagogical tools and methodology

​Theoretical contributions; Case studies ; Summary sheets; Workshop-workshop on the integration of good practices; Returns of experiences.


Executives and managers

Practical arrangements

Duration: 1 day

Number of participants: Up to 12 participants

Practical arrangements

After: Managing doctoral contracts: legal aspects and best practices

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