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CID 2014

Organized by Adoc Talent Management and Doc'Up, the Interdisciplinary Colloquium on the Doctorate 2014 (CID 2014) is an event which aims to bring together the scientific community whose object of study is the doctorate. This meeting is intended for researchers, doctors or doctoral students themselves, but also for players in the socio-economic world who have recourse to the skills of doctors. The first edition of the CID took place on December 15, 2014 and had as its theme “the place of the doctorate in professional careers”.

The objective was to deal with the place of the doctorate in professional careers and to identify what is the added value for the future doctor. In order to address this issue, this first interdisciplinary colloquium was structured around the following three axes:

  1. The doctorate: a response to a career strategy

  2. The doctorate: training and professional experience in its own right

  3. The Career Pursuits of Doctors

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