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Develop your skills

Realize your business creation project

Context and objective

3% of doctors start a business right after their defense. Doctors, in addition to having skills useful for the course of entrepreneurs, have the opportunity to be able to rely on the innovative results of their research to create their own business.
> Understand business creation methods
> Validate the feasibility of your project
> Prepare to create, develop and sustain your business


Module 1: Moving from the idea to the project

  • Spot an opportunity

  • Carry out the stages of the transformation of the idea into a viable project

  • Protect your idea

  • Know the actors of assistance to the creation of a company

Module 2: Conducting market research

  • List the essential steps for carrying out market research

  • Define a strategy that meets market expectations

Module 3: Financing your project

  • Understand the main concepts related to financing

  • Make financial forecasts

  • Look for available funding and support

Module 4: Defining legal status and administrative formalities

  • Choose the legal status of the company

  • Distribute shares and share capital

  • Drafting the articles of association and the shareholders' agreement

  • Make the formalities of creation

Module 5: Set up your business and launch the activity

  • Find a place

  • Ensure the marketing

  • Manage your cash

  • Do accounting and invoicing

  • Preparing for your first recruitments

Module 6: Presenting your project to a partner or funder

  • Prepare a pitch based on the business model Canvas

  • Present your project to the group and argue your choices

Pedagogical tools and methodology

Based on participants' project idea; Tools such as SWOT, business model canvas; Project evaluation exercises; “Creator” profile evaluation grid; Analysis of skills and motivations for entrepreneurship; Business creation games; Entrepreneur Dashboard.


Permanent researchers

Practical arrangements

Duration: 2 days

Number of participants: Up to 8 participants

Training courses

Before: Recruit your scientific team

After: Manage your project; Supervise your doctoral student

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