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Develop your skills

Conducting your doctoral project

Context and objective

The doctorate is a research project that must be completed in 3 years, having the tools to act as a young project manager will facilitate the success of the doctorate.

> Have tools to manage your research project as a young project manager – doctoral student
> Understand the doctorate as a global project and develop a strategic approach to implementation
> Thinking about the training part of your doctorate in the service of your doctoral project


Module 1: Knowing the doctoral framework

  • Know the conditions of the doctoral research practice rights, duties, missions

  • Know the different types of contracts

Module 2: Managing your doctoral project using the project management model

  • Identify the steps of a scientific process

  • Determine the skills mobilized and those that must be developed

  • Manage the doctoral project (time, human resources, material resources, financial resources)

  • Set milestones and bounce back

  • Anticipate the valuation of results

  • Practice management, planning and monitoring tools

  • Interact with the environment the role of the supervisor, teamwork, negotiation, stress and conflict management

Module 3: Mastering your publications

  • Know the bibliographic rules by discipline

  • Manage your publications according to the professional projects of the participants

  • Use monitoring tools

Module 4: Anticipating your career pursuit

  • Become familiar with the tools and resources available to include the issue of career pursuit during the doctoral experience

  • Develop and highlight the skills sought by recruiters

Pedagogical tools and methodology

Participatory workshops including an introduction to different tools (LaTeX, Jabref, Trello, etc.) and exercises (definition of retro planning and identification of the strategy to be favored for a successful "post-doctorate")


Doctoral students and contractual researchers

Practical arrangements

Duration: 2 days

Number of participants: Up to 10 participants

Training courses

After: All courses in the catalog

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