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Know the professions and professional environments

Know the job market for doctors

Context & objective

Knowing about the different professional opportunities at the end of a doctorate constitutes a precious help in one's career choices. This training aims to scan the broad spectrum of positions open to doctors as well as the skills expected by recruiters.

> Know how to identify the skills developed during the doctorate

> Better understand the market and the socio-economic context

> Identification of the skills sought by the job market

> Know how to identify career opportunities open to doctors (in France and abroad) both in the academic sector and in the private sector adapted to their profile


Module 1: Characteristics of the job market for doctors

  • Professional opportunities open to doctors in the first years following the defense Key figures on the employment market for doctors in France (statistical studies on career pursuits, CAREER study, employment survey, etc.): sectors of activity, typology of jobs, wages

  • Comparison between disciplines

  • The job market for doctors abroad Comparison between the dynamics of the major geographical areas

Module 2: Career developments open to doctors over time

  • Know the possible evolutions in terms of sectors and professions throughout the career

  • Illustration via examples of career paths and argumentation of professional transitions

Module 3: Learn about trades

  • Techniques for identifying the types of positions and industries recruiting PhDs

  • Knowing how to decipher a job description, the missions, the work environment and the skills expected

Pedagogical tools and methodology

Testimonial sheets from doctors in post; Sector data provided by the R&D division of Adoc Talent Management; Analysis of job descriptions; Exercises and scenarios; Documentary resources and link to go further.


Permanent researchers

Practical arrangements

Duration: 1 day

Number of participants: Up to 12 participants

Training courses

Before: Build your professional project

After: Start your job search - Optimize your digital identity and use of social media

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