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Doctor but not researcher


This research aims to identify, within the framework of doctoral training followed by a second research experience, which skills acquired are implemented when the doctor then occupies a professional activity far removed from research.

A qualitative exploratory approach through life stories with ten doctors exercising a professional activity outside the professions and the research sector has made it possible to highlight the scientific and transversal skills acquired and still mobilized today as well as the uses which are made .


It emerges that doctors removed from research maintain a position of researcher by mobilizing skills related to research activities, but that these same skills are diverted from their primary purpose (which is research). This strategy, which is most often involuntary, provides doctors who are not researchers with significant added value within their organization.


Doctor but not researcher: what uses and representations of scientific and transversal skills?

Elodie Chevalier, Bathélémy Durette, Amandine Bugnicourt (2016) in TransFormations-Research in adult education and training.

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