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Develop your skills

Discover the fundamentals of management

Context and objective

Often, researchers find themselves in management situations without knowing the principles. In order to integrate well into their structure, it is important that they learn about the applicable methods.

> Understand the main principles and concepts related to management
> Know how to put them into practice on a daily basis


Module 1: Analyzing your management experiences

  • Identify and present their experiences as a manager

  • Identify and present experiences as "managed" Draw out the different facets of managerial activity and the points of vigilance

Module 2: Defining the main concepts related to management

  • Understand the organization as a system

  • Understand the role of management

  • Understand the concept of leadership

  • Identify the position of the manager and the associated skills

  • Understanding team management vs project management

Module 3: Identifying management styles

  • Identify the various management styles, their challenges and their applications to a research environment

  • Consider situational management and identify the methods adapted to certain situations

  • Know your natural management style (delegative, participative, directive, persuasive)

Module 4: Identifying the skills of the manager

  • Know the 8 main areas of managerial activity and identify the associated skills

  • Identify the managerial skills developed by his experience in research and his other experiences, assess the skills remaining to be acquired

Pedagogical tools and methodology

Managerial style assessment test; Reading grid of his expectations as a “manager” or “managed”; Exercise to define the different aspects of managerial activity; Skills analysis grid and areas for improvement for managers.


Permanent researchers

Practical arrangements

Duration: 1 day

Number of participants: Up to 12 participants

Practical arrangements

After: Manage your project - Manage your team

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