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Know the professions and professional environments

Discover and access jobs outside of R&D

Context & objective

A need for executives with high creative potential is emerging from our knowledge-based economy and offering multiple opportunities for PhDs in various types of organizations.

> Discover new career opportunities
> Prepare for recruitment


Module 1: Identifying opportunities for PhDs

  • Understand the current socio-economic fabric

  • Know the job market for doctors and its evolutions

  • Know the characteristics of our knowledge-based economy

  • Understand its impact on the expectations of recruiters

  • Identify the "classic" non-R&D professions of doctors in the various departments of a company

  • Identify emerging professions and interface professions open to doctors by the need for expertise

Module 2: Discover new professions

  • Imagine certain professions to be created to meet societal and economic needs, facilitate the transfer of knowledge or promote innovation

  • Discuss the first career paths envisaged by the participants.

  • Practice presenting your strengths as a doctor on non-R&D opportunities

Pedagogical tools and methodology

Recent statistical data from the R&D division of Adoc Talent Management; Testimonials from Doctors working outside of R&D; Presentation exercise and promotion of your profile for a non-R&D position.


Permanent researchers

Practical arrangements

Duration: 1 day

Number of participants: Up to 12 participants

Training courses

Before: Build your professional project

After: Start your job search - Optimize your digital identity and use of social media

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