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Find your future job in line with your professional project

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Context and objective

When the professional project is defined, it is essential to acquire methods and the right tools to better convince the recruiter and optimize his chances of making his project a reality.

> Mastering job search tools

> Optimize communication with recruiters through CVs, cover letters and interviews


Module 1: Understanding the recruitment process

  • Identify the skills needs of companies and institutions

  • Understand the recruitment processes of different organizations

  • Know the recruiter's approach in the search and selection of candidates

  • Understand the expectations of recruiters in relation to doctoral profiles

Module 2: Mastering job search tools

  • Know where to find job openings

  • Decrypt an ad

  • Create attractive communication tools (CV, cover letter)

  • Correction of CVs and cover letters prepared before the training

Module 3: Practice the job interview

  • Express their motivations, aspirations and strengths

  • Practice the interview in the posture of the recruiter and the candidate

  • Discover an interview situation by a professional

Module 4: Meet recruiters at job fairs

  • Meet professionals in a forum or networking event

  • Briefly introduce yourself and grab the recruiter's attention by respecting the criteria of the Elevator pitch

Pedagogical tools and methodology

Practical and personalized advice from doctor recruiters; Adoc Talent Management job descriptions; Elevator pitch technique; CV evaluation exercise; Simulation of recruitment interview by role-playing in pairs, with the trainer and group debriefing.


Doctoral students and contractual researchers

Practical arrangements

Duration: 2 days

Number of participants: Up to 12 participants

Training courses

Before: Build your professional project - Know the companies and the professions

After: Optimize your digital identity and use of social media

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