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Tools for his professional practice

Develop your scientific writing methodology

Context & objective

Going from the production of research to its clear and documented transcription is often identified as a difficult exercise.
Being confronted early on with the principles, tools and methods for writing and presenting your research allows you to understand scientific writing in an efficient and serene way.

> Identify the characteristics of a scientific text
> Preparing for writing
> Experiment with effective writing strategies
> Discover the functionalities of office tools


Module 1: Scientific Writing Styles and Designing an Outline

  • Understand the specificities of the writing styles used by researchers

  • Analyze the characteristics of scientific texts, popular texts

  • Discover and experiment with the different types of plan

Module 2: Writing practice

  • Organize your writing preparation work to ensure clarity of the text

  • Have methods to be effective in your writing

  • Identify blockages and levers for facilitating the practice of writing

Module 3: Panorama of office automation tools

  • Discover the functionalities of IT tools for writing (Word/OpenOffice, LaTeX, management of bibliographic databases)

  • Experiment with useful functions for your own research activity

Module 4: Scientific publishing and copyright

  • Understand the rules of peer-reviewing scientific publishing, editorial ethics and copyright

  • Dealing with copyright issues relating to research

Pedagogical tools and methodology

Theoretical contributions; Analysis of scientific texts; Experimentation with methods of structuring a statement; Adaptation of the subject to the format or medium; Priority management ; Writing tools (LaTeX, Word/OpenOffice); Summary concerning copyright.


Permanent researchers

Practical arrangements

Duration: 1 day

Number of participants: Up to 12 participants

Practical arrangements

Before: Managing your time - Perfecting your monitoring and bibliographic management - Developing your research within a scientific network

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