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Adoc Metis

Dr. Romain Pierronnet  



Romain is a CIFRE doctoral student at the Management Research Institute of the University of Paris Est, he is a graduate of the Master's "Development and Management  of Universities" of the University of Paris Est Créteil. He participated in the creation of the University of Lorraine, and  is also an expert with the Haut Conseil d'Evaluation  of Research and Higher Education (HCERES) since 2010.  His research work, carried out within Adoc Mètis, focuses on the management of human resources in French universities, in particular for  BIATSS personnel, in the post-LRU context (law relating to the Freedoms and Responsibilities of Universities, 2007).  contributor to the Conversation France site, for which he has written several articles. He also leads training sessions on the theme of transformations in the landscape of Research and Higher Education as well as on the taxation of R&D.

Dr. Simon Thierry


Co-founder and associate director -

Adoc Metis

Simon holds a doctorate in computer science. He is co-founder and associate director of the consulting firm Adoc Mètis. He was a contractual teacher-researcher at the University of Strasbourg for five years, during which he was elected to the scientific council and project manager for the human resources department for questions relating to young researchers. He is an expert with HCERES for the evaluation of establishments and doctoral schools. He also founded a second company in 2015.  Within Adoc Mètis, Simon is a consultant and trainer, specializing in research management. He is responsible for all activities related to doctoral supervision. He leads several R&D projects aimed at offering better tools to management teams and manages educational engineering on this theme. As Associate Director, he is in charge of day-to-day business, prospecting and relations with partners.

Dr. Emmanuelle Ebel-Jost


Co-founder and associate director - Adoc Mètis

Emmanuelle is a doctor of arts, co-founder and associate director of Adoc Mètis. In parallel with her experience as a teacher-researcher, she intervened in the joint technical committee of the University of Strasbourg on questions of career development for ES-R staff and at the national level, in commissions on the doctorate, institutional changes or SHS. In 2012, she founded Adoc Mètis  by taking advantage of knowledge of the research and higher education system, creativity techniques and knowledge of innovation management. It designs support, management and collaboration tools and training adapted to the needs of the academic world. She develops research on the processes of collaboration and diversion of uses within the ES-R.

Dr. Carole Chapin  


Consultant, trainer and R&D manager

Carole has a doctorate in Comparative Literature. During her experience as a teacher-researcher, she held positions in various structures in France and abroad. There, she developed expertise in the research environment, as an elected member of the research commission, in charge of culture and gender equality, and through her involvement in associations. In September 2015, she joined Adoc Mètis as a consultant, trainer and R&D manager, where she mainly deals with research on the conditions and tools for implementing human resources strategies for researchers in public establishments. It also leads training for researchers at different stages of their career (doctoral students, doctoral supervisors, etc.) 

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