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Tools for his professional practice

Managing doctoral contracts: legal aspects and best practices

Context & objective

This training is designed to respond in a concrete and documented way to the specificities of human resources management related to doctoral contracts and other contracts intended for agents who are not holders of research or higher education.

> Master the regulatory framework relating to the doctorate and the doctoral contract
> Situate the doctoral contract and the related issues in all the HR practices involved in quality research
> Reflect on the implementation of HR processes relating to the recruitment of contractual doctoral students


Module 1: The national doctoral framework

  • Defining the doctorate in France

  • Identify the stakes of the valorization of the doctorate

  • Examine recent and expected regulatory developments

Module 2: The doctoral contract

  • Identify the current regulatory system and its history

  • Analyze field difficulties related to regulations (representation, complementary activities)

  • Examine the case law related to the doctoral contract

Module 3: HR processes related to the doctoral contract

  • Identify good practices related to the recruitment of contractual doctoral students

  • Networking PhD stakeholders

  • Organize the continuing education of contractual doctoral students

Module 4: The doctoral contract at the service of research quality

  • Apply the European mechanism of the human resources strategy relating to researchers

  • Identify the integration of the doctorate in the human resources strategy

Pedagogical tools and methodology

Concrete case studies in the form of a path retracing that of the doctoral student; Development of a management procedure; Synthetic tool sheets.


Executives and managers

Practical arrangements

Duration: 1 day

Number of participants: Up to 12 participants

Training courses

After: Welcoming international researchers

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