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Find your future job in line with your professional project

Identify and enhance your skills

Context and objective

The notion of competence occupies a central place in the recruitment process. To establish a common language between recruiter and recruited, it is essential to work on your own skills.

> Understand the concept of skills
> Identify your own skills acquired during different experiences
> Showcase your skills


Module 1: Understanding the concept of skills

  • Break down skills into knowledge, know-how and interpersonal skills

  • Understand the importance of the concept of competence in the management of human resources in business

  • Discover the challenge of promoting your own skills to a potential recruiter

Module 2: Identifying your own skills

  • Analyze your different experiences

  • List the skills developed during the various experiences

  • Discover the transferability of skills and imagine other environments in which to apply them

Module 3: Express and enhance your skills

  • Translate your skills into the recruiter's vocabulary

  • Summarize and illustrate with concrete examples all of the skills identified

  • Identify the skills to highlight according to the context

  • Market your skills and work on your differentiating factors

  • Express your skills according to your project with a recruiter

Pedagogical tools and methodology

Professions/skills repository; Adoc Talent Management skills and professions tree; Reading job descriptions; Practical and personalized advice from recruiters; Analysis grid of his experiences; Elevator pitch exercise in front of the group and debriefing.


Permanent researchers

Practical arrangements

Duration: 1 day

Number of participants: Up to 12 participants

Training courses

Before: Knowing the companies and professions

After: Build your professional project - Start your job search - Optimize your digital identity and use of social media

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