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Tools for his professional practice

Improve your monitoring and bibliographic management

Context & objective

The day before and the bibliography are both keys to scientific research and obligatory passages. Initiating a watch, setting up an effective bibliographic management approach saves time but also ensures the rigor of the scientific approach.

> Develop a structured monitoring and bibliography approach
> Organize your watch
> Become familiar with Ad hoc tools
> Share and disseminate its approach


Module 1: identify the main principles of monitoring

  • The monitoring approach and the specificities of scientific monitoring

  • Take hold of the methodological principles of the state of the art

  • Anticipate points of attention and time eaters concerning the day before

  • Anticipate points of attention and time eaters concerning the bibliography

Module 2: Developing your bibliographic monitoring and management strategy

  • Determine your needs and define the scope of your research

  • Streamline the approach to monitoring and bibliography

  • Identify keywords and networks related to your research

  • Thinking about the organization of your bibliographic approach

Module 3: Appropriate tools for scientific monitoring and bibliography

  • Seize an alert tool and configure a monitoring tool

  • Understand the basic principles of bibliography tools

  • Identify efficient uses as part of their research practice

Module 4: Collaborative monitoring

  • Identify the challenges of monitoring and a collaborative bibliography

  • Use standby networks

  • Share your resources

Pedagogical tools and methodology

Analyze its practices; Develop a personal monitoring and bibliography strategy; Experiment with the tools based on concrete cases.


Permanent researchers

Practical arrangements

Duration: 1 day

Number of participants: Up to 12 participants

Training courses

Before: Manage your time

After: Develop your scientific writing methodology - Consider the issues of scientific integrity and plagiarism

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