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An Interview with Upskills and Adoc Talent Management

Updated: Mar 9, 2022

A three-way interview published on Choose Paris Region's website highlights the best practices for establishing R&D activities and branches of foreign companies in Paris. Thong Tran, CEO of Singapore-based Upskills, Dr. Aurélien Baelde, Lead Data Scientist and head of Upskills' R&D operations in France and Dr. Amandine Bugnicourt, CEO of Adoc Talent Management, discuss Upskills' Paris adventure and more generally the challenges encountered when setting up an R&D branch .

Uspkills, a consulting firm specializing in market finance and trading room technologies, chose to set up its Innovation Lab in Paris.

18 months after this successful move, the three came together to review their experience in creating a research and development branch, and talk about the richness of the Parisian innovation ecosystem.

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