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May 5 Webinar with Finance Innovation, Finance Montréal, and Adoc Talent Management

Updated: Mar 9, 2022

On Wednesday, May 5, Adoc Talent Management Co-founder and CEO, Dr. Amandine Bugnicourt, will take part in a discussion on the career prospects of PhDs in the finance industry, as well as on the attractiveness and retention issues faced by companies in the sector with regard to these profiles.

In a context where the financial services industry is evolving rapidly under the combined effects of technological innovations and regulatory changes, the share of high value-added jobs is increasing significantly and the involvement of PhDs is becoming a strategic issue.

NWe propose a webinar to share experiences from 3 continents (Montreal, Paris and Singapore) to identify the contribution that PhDs can have in this context for FinTechs. Finance Montreal will first present the evolution of human resources issues for the financial services sector in Quebec. A focus will be made on a study conducted jointly with Adoc Talent Management on the employment of PhDs in financial services companies in Canada. Based on these findings, Adoc Talent Management will suggest ways to attract talent to FinTech in areas of high tension or even shortage, such as AI. Finally, the Singaporean FinTech Upskills will share its feedback on the establishment of its R&D center in France and its strategy to acquire PhDs.

This webinar, open to members of Finance Innovation and Finance Montreal, will allow you to exchange with FinTech players on an international scale and with PhD experts! Event to be mostly held in French

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