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Dissertation as a Type of Scientific Work

If we consider a dissertation as a kind of scientific work, then it is a document formed in accordance with specific regulations. It details the course of the study: theoretical aspects (reach up to 30% of the total volume of work), practical ones (directly studying the problem using an example and developing ways to solve it).

The dissertation as a type of scientific work is presented in the form of a paper document, the volume of which reaches 60, 120 and up to 200-300 pages. The order of its writing and execution is strictly regulated by the guidelines. The requirements for this type of project include:

  • Brief and concise formulation of the topic;

  • The presence of a clear structure, compliance of the content of the work with the topic and the intended goal;

  • The uniqueness of the work is not lower than the declared minimum (for candidate and doctoral works, at least 85%);

  • Design according to clear instructions: font and its size, location of text and graphics, references and footnotes, list of references, applications, etc.

The implementation of scientific work involves the conduct of theoretical and practical "investigation", the results of which will be reflected in scientific articles, as well as directly dissertations. The procedure for creating a project is lengthy (it takes several years, on average 3 years). It involves not only studying the works of predecessors, but also carrying out real actions with the help of various laboratories, instruments, experiments, etc.

In order for the work to be evaluated by competent experts, and its author to receive recognition and an "award", it is necessary to pass the defense. Otherwise, no one will know about the achievements and new methods for solving the problem, and the manuscript will gather dust in the researcher's "home filing cabinet".

Writing dissertation projects benefits not only the creator, but also society. The first receives recognition, earns authority, develops and contributes to the improvement of the environment. Secondly, it acquires more advanced technologies and methods for solving urgent problems, increasing the efficiency of the use of resources and benefits, minimizing negative consequences.

The is ready to assist in completing dissertations in any field. Masters, graduate students and applicants for scientific degrees can count on the competent selection of the information base, editing manuscripts, writing a turnkey project, increasing the originality of the text, designing materials, and much more. We guarantee high quality of services, data confidentiality and individual approach.

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