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The creative path: patterns or experimentation?

Reasons for experimentation in creativity

In essence, our first attempts at writing are not what we want to write. It's what we liked from others. It's other people's appealing images, other people's plot moves, and other people's relationships. But sooner or later, we begin to want to write about our own. About our own images, pay someone to write essay our own relationships, and our own worlds.

So, there are two reasons that push authors to experiment:

"I'm tired of the same thing, I want something different - at least just new."

"I'm no different from anyone else, I write the same way most authors do. I want to come up with something original that no one else has."

Do you know what the first pattern work looks like? "Everybody goes to Turkey, and I'm going there!" Well, college papers for money once you go, twice you go, three times you go... What's the result? You have a travel experience and - exactly the same pictures as the rest of your entourage. The same stories, the same events, the same experiences, the same angles in the photos.

Are you bored? If it's boring, good! Because next time you will take a risk and break into Senegal on safari, will bring a lot of new experiences and pictures, which no one else has, and will enthusiastically talk about their desert adventures. And most importantly, the experiment will separate you from the monotonous crowd of holidaymakers by the pool in Turkey.

What is it all about? Experiments in creativity.

One day you'll get tired of vampires and trolls, prophecies and heroes saving the world from the Black Lords. And you'll want to create something new - your own and only your own.

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