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Develop your skills

Recruit your scientific team

Context and objective

The development of national and European projects leads to an increase in the recruitment of contractual scientific personnel by the teams. The success of these projects requires special attention during recruitment in order to assess the know-how of the candidates but also their motivation and their ability to integrate into the structure.

> Recruit effectively on defined criteria
> Surround yourself with competent and motivated people for better collective efficiency


Module 1: Embedding the Entire Recruitment Process

  • Analyze your recruitment experiences (successes, difficulties)

  • Understand the particular context of scientific employment

  • Understand the challenges of recruitment

  • Identify the reasons for recruitment (replacements, job creation, etc.)

  • Know the steps of a skills-based recruitment

Module 2: Preparing for recruitment

  • Define your need

  • Define the characteristics of the scientific profiles sought

  • Prepare a complete and specific job description for scientific jobs

  • Write an informative and attractive ad, integrating the motivational levers specific to each population

Module 3: Search and select applications on CVs and publications

  • Know where to post your ad

  • Search for candidates in France and abroad

  • Analyze applications on CV, cover letter and publications using a reading grid

  • Preparing for the phone interview

Module 4: Preparing and conducting the interview

  • Preparing for the recruitment interview for scientific profiles

  • Know how to ask relevant questions to obtain factual information

  • Assess knowledge, skills and attitudes

  • Detect motivation and ability to integrate into the current team

  • Analyze the overall match between the candidates, the position and its context

  • Rely on complementary methods (reference checks, tests, etc.)

  • Make a decision based on defined criteria

Module 5: Integrating the selected candidate

  • Preparing for arrival and facilitating integration

  • Inform and train the employee

  • Generate enthusiasm and motivation

Pedagogical tools and methodology

Exercises on the stages of recruitment based on the real needs of the participants; Exercise on job description and an announcement; Analysis grid (CV and interview); Motivation reading grid; Interview preparation grid; Simulation of interview (pair, with the trainer, in group)


Permanent researchers

Practical arrangements

Duration: 2 days

Number of participants: Up to 12 participants

Training courses

Before: Discover the fundamentals of management

After: Managing your team - Supervising a doctoral student

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