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Find your future job in line with your professional project

Successfully integrating into a company: from negotiation to the employment contract

Context and objective

This training will allow you to first understand the legislative framework governing the employee/recruiter relationship, as well as the different possibilities in terms of employment contracts. In a second step, the training offers you, thanks to scenarios, to train you in the negotiation of the employment contract and anchors you in a logic of evolution in the company.


> Understand what the employment contract is and what it implies in the relationship between the employee and his recruiter
> Learn to negotiate your contract and its changes


Module 1: The legislative framework in France  : the main rules governing the employee/employer relationship

  • The legal texts governing the employee/employer relationship in France  : Notions of labor law

  • Collective agreement, professional organizations and branches, etc.


Module 2: The different types of contracts and their main characteristics

  • The French classification of employment contracts and the rules governing them  : permanent contract (CDI), fixed-term contract (CDD) and other types of contracts


Module 3: Clauses of the employment contract

  • The essential and optional clauses of the employment contract and what they imply in the employee/employer relationship  : working hours, non-competition clause, confidentiality clause, mobility clause, etc.

  • Remuneration (fixed part, variable part and benefits), concept of salary grid


Module 4: What to trade and how to trade  ?

  • The basic principles of negotiation

  • The negotiation of an employment contract in a company, a promotion/professional development or even professional mobility

  • Scenarios  : practice negotiating the terms of your employment contract during an interview with a recruiter

Pedagogical tools and methodology

Interactive workshop with a presentation of theoretical notions illustrated by examples and exercises (in pairs or in groups).


Doctoral students and contractual researchers

Practical arrangements

Duration: 1 day

Number of participants: Up to 12 participants

Training courses

Before: Knowing the companies and professions

After: Discover the fundamentals of management

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