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Develop your skills

Supporting professional mobility - tools for building a professional project

Context and objective

EPSTs and universities wish to develop their HR service offer towards better support and securing the careers of agents. As a result, HR personnel are seeing their missions change, without necessarily being prepared for it. This training aims to make them reflect and discuss their practices, gain autonomy and confidence.

Thus, the main objectives are to  :

  • Appropriate and effectively structure the process and stages of support

  • Master the tools and techniques of building a professional project

  • Conduct the analysis of a career path, skills, motivations and aspirations

  • Match this diagnosis with the internal or external professions of its establishment

  • Know how to find out about the research and research support professions thanks to the reference systems

  • Go from pre-projects to a personal and realistic professional project

  • Evaluate your support practice in a logic of continuous improvement


Day 1

- Position yourself in relation to existing approaches and tools around the professional project

- Understand the concept of skills

- Know the skills/jobs reference frameworks to better guide

- Decipher trades in the form of activities and underlying skills to feel legitimate about functions that you have not exercised yourself

Day 2:

- Accompany the agent in the analysis of his career and the definition of his skills

- Accompany the professional in the diagnosis of his motivations and desires

- Know how to propose additional tools to the agent

Day 3:

- Qualify the project and match the diagnosis with internal or external trades

- Analyze the feasibility of the professional project

- Advise on the implementation of the professional project

- Evaluate and optimize its support approach over time

Pedagogical tools and methodology

Alternation of methodological contributions and practical applications through case studies and simulations.

Feedback, group debriefing and personalized advice.


Executives and managers

Practical arrangements

Duration: 3 days

Number of participants: Up to 10 participants

Training courses

Before: Supporting the mobility of agents – Interview techniques

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