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You are interested in the evolution of the place of PhDs in the socio-economic network

We study the career of PhDs and analyze skills needs

We carry out studies and develop tools centred on highly specialized scientific skills as well as the transferable skills developed by PhDs throughout their career. Adoc Talent Management has been awarded the "Jeune entreprise innovante" seal issued by the French Ministry of Research for its approach based on the synergy of our three business divisions dedicated to the promotion of the PhD.

Our projects:

The projects from our Innovation & Studies cluster consist of three types:

• Studies (qualitative and quantitative) to measure the employability of PhDs, identify the determinants of their career progression or promote their added value in all sectors of activity and whatever their field of research. Examples: Skills tree, skills videos, job descriptions.

• The development of digital tools exploiting the latest advances in HR analysis and data processing. Example: Barometer.

• Customized services including both aspects (salary positioning study, mapping of concepts and skills within a domain, etc.). Example: Mapping concepts. Our sponsors (Research Organizations, Companies, Associations, Universities, COMUe, Doctoral Schools, Territorial Communities), are key players of the doctoral training strategically interested in the evolution of the place of PhDs in the socio-economic landscapes.

You want strong skills
in data analysis and tools to answer a problem related to human resources, skills management and career?

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