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Comprehensive understanding of your needs and expectations - We are scientists. Our multidisciplinary team clearly understands the tasks that will be assigned to your new coworker, in all fields - computer science, data science, biology, geology, physics, chemistry, social sciences...

Active headhunting - While jobboards will only target applicants that are actively looking for new positions, and while classical recruiting firms will only contact candidates that are present on professional social media, we use tools derived from our research experience to go beyond these methods: publications, patents, theses, scientific conferences...

Our network - A trusted partner of European universities, with whom we collaborate on PhD professional development training and alumni career follow-up, we are well connected to the global innovation ecosystem.

Skills come first - We are familiar with the specific competencies of experts (MSc, PhDs, engineers), we speak the same language and are able to assess them accurately using our sophisticated in-house applicant evaluation tools.

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