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Know the professions and professional environments

Know the companies and the trades

Context & objective

More than 50% of doctors, as well as a number of personnel who began their career in academic research, continue their career in the private sector. However, some recruiters still note their lack of knowledge of the entrepreneurial world, which can constitute a brake on their employability. In order to best prepare them for the prospects available to them and to promote their integration into a company, it is necessary to encourage them to:

> Understand the functioning and organization of a company and the entrepreneurial universe
> Know the associated professions to which they can aspire
> Consider means of collaboration
> Know how to get information and meet companies


Module 1: Understanding Business Basics

  • Build a definition of the term "company" and imagine the various associated issues and facets of the concept

  • Know basic financial and accounting concepts

  • Learn the main classifications of companies (economic sectors, business sectors, size, etc.)

  • Compare the business models of companies marketing products and services

  • Know the entrepreneurial ecosystem as well as the branches, unions, federations and professional associations

  • Understand "corporate" vocabulary, codes and culture

Module 2: Understand the organization of the company

  • Discover through a game the life cycle of a product, the departments associated with each stage as well as the associated professions

  • Imagine the professions open to doctors in these different departments and argue them; put into perspective through data on the job market for doctors

  • Understand the role of each department of the company and its interactions, focus on the R&D department and on the particular organization of innovative companies

  • Understand how to go from an idea or technology to a product commercialized on the market through the stages of the creation of a start-up

Module 3: Use this entrepreneurial culture to promote your career or collaborate

  • Understand how to collaborate with a company

  • Understand how and why a company recruits according to the issues and the organization previously discovered

  • Have the resources and means to learn about companies

  • Discover networking and events where to meet companies

Pedagogical tools and methodology

Company and career discovery game; Quiz and glossary on corporate vocabulary; Fact sheets on the company and resources to go further.


Permanent researchers

Practical arrangements

Duration: 1 day

Number of participants: Up to 12 participants

Training courses

Before: Build your professional project

After: Start your job search - Discover and access R&D professions - Discover and access non-R&D professions - Discover and access strategy consulting professions - Realize your business creation project

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