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Find your future job in line with your professional project

Build and activate your network 

Context and objective

70 to 75% of French executives find a job thanks to the network. Activating it increases your chances of finding the right job and accessing the hidden market!
> Understand the role and use of the network in a professional setting
> Use the network for your job search


Module 1: Discover the network approach

  • Define the network approach

  • Identify the different types of networks (real and virtual)

  • Discover networks linked to science and research

  • Learn about the tools, rules to follow and mistakes to avoid when using the network, the specificities of socio-professional networks and the importance of e-reputation

  • Identify your existing network and develop it

  • Develop a contact database

Module 2: Understanding the role of the network at each stage of the job search

  • Identify the facilitating power of the network

  • Use the network in the construction of the professional project (business survey)

  • Mobilize your network to learn about the job market (network interview)

  • Identify professional opportunities and access the hidden market

  • Get recommended by a recruiter

  • Practice introducing yourself to a new network contact

Pedagogical tools and methodology

Practical and personalized advice from recruiters; Networking techniques; Networker's kit; Elevator pitch technique; Network contact identification exercise and segmentation by objective.

Pedagogical tools and methodology

Permanent researchers

Practical arrangements

Duration: 1 day

Number of participants: Up to 10 participants

Training courses

Before: Optimizing your digital identity and use of social media

After: Identify and enhance your skills

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