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Find your future job in line with your professional project

Convince recruiters within the framework of a recruitment forum

Background and Purpose

Your chances of being recruited are tripled when the meeting is done via a direct meeting at a professional event or via your network compared to sending a CV by e-mail.

Nevertheless, on average, the active listening time of an interlocutor who meets you for the first time is 2 minutes, so you have to “catch” the recruiter's attention quickly to make a difference. Thus we offer a very practical training allowing you to make a success of this meeting.

> Understand the challenges of a network approach in the context of a job search

> Know the basics of effective communication with a recruiter

> Prepare a recruitment forum

> Build an impactful message  and  practice the elevator pitch



Module 1  : Effective communication with a recruiter

  • Understand the notion of skills, identify them and express them to a recruiter

  • Understand the recruitment process

  • Deciphering an offer to prepare your application

  • Tips for creating attractive communication tools (CV, cover letter)


Unit 2  : Meet companies as part of a recruitment forum

  • Prepare for participation in a forum or trade show

  • Identify the most relevant forums and trade shows based on the type of position sought (by industry, discipline, degree level, etc.).

  • Find out about the companies present: research and find the right contacts,  study the positions to be filled, find out about the projects in progress in these companies,

  • Building an impactful message, the essential elements of a pitch

  • Practice the elevator pitch (scenario in front of the group)

  • Tips for staying in touch and developing your network after a recruitment forum

Pedagogical tools and methodology

Participatory workshop; Theoretical contribution; Practical advice on the construction of communication tools for recruiters; Scenario of an elevator pitch at a trade show.


Permanent researchers

Practical arrangements

Duration: 1 day

Number of participants: Up to 10 participants

Training courses

Before: Build your professional project - Start your job search - Taxation of research, an asset for a doctor in business

After: Build and activate your network

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