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Know the professions and professional environments

Discover and access the public service

Context & objective

50% of doctors pursue their careers in the public service. Although doctoral students have a very good understanding of careers in ESR, they are unaware that other opportunities exist in the state, hospital and territorial public services, including for LSHS doctoral students.

> Know the different public functions
> Identify possible opportunities
> Prepare for recruitment


Module 1: Defining the framework of the civil service in France

  • Defining the variety of public functions

  • Understand their organization

  • Discover their missions

  • Understand their socio-economic weight

  • Discover the variety of work environments

Module 2: Identifying the place of doctors in the public service

  • Know the statistics on the employment of doctors in public services

  • Discover examples of career paths and jobs held

  • Identify the skills mobilized by positions within the public service

Module 3: Understanding Public Service Recruitment

  • Find out about the practical procedures for recruiting contract workers and competitions and auditions

  • Share your profile and project with other participants and identify suitable functions and environments

  • Predefine your strategy for access to the public service

Pedagogical tools and methodology

Sector data from the R&D division of Adoc Talent Management; Councils of recruiters from the various public services; Testimonials from non-ESR civil service doctors


Doctoral students and contractual researchers

Practical arrangements

Duration: 1 day

Number of participants: Up to 12 participants

Training courses

Before: Build your professional project

After: Start your job search - Optimize your digital identity and use of social media

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