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Tools for his professional practice

Develop assertiveness and oral communication

Context & objective

Within the research and higher education professions, personnel are confronted with different situations as researchers, teachers, experts or scientific mediators. They must assert their point of view and present their work in order to position themselves in front of their interlocutors.

> Manage stage fright
> Defend your point of view
> Target and adapt your message
> Respond to the unexpected
> Use the appropriate supports, technical and methodological tools
> Develop its communication strategy


Module 1: Position yourself as a speaker

  • Introduction to understand the issues and levers of communication situations

  • Become aware of the communicating body

  • Manage your stage fright

  • Establish a relationship with your interlocutors position yourself

  • Learn about the principles of rhetoric

Module 2: Adapt and structure your message

  • Mediate and convey a message

  • Respond to the unexpected and encourage constructive exchanges

  • Collaborate and assert your point of view

Module 3: Appropriate the tools and supports to develop oral communication

  • Choose your battles and define your priorities in a situation of constrained communication (by time, by the scientific level of the interlocutors, etc.)

  • Appropriate the tools and supports of oral communication

  • Experiment with a communication strategy around a constrained exercise in the “Ignite” format

  • Structure your professional communication from the Elevator pitch to networking

Analyze his ability to speak and the discoveries made on his strengths

Pedagogical tools and methodology

Body management exercise in space; vocal techniques; Stress management techniques; Scenarios; Mind Mapping.


Executives and managers

Practical arrangements

Duration: 2 days

Number of participants: Up to 12 participants

Training courses

After: Positioning yourself as a teacher - Supervising a doctoral student - Managing your team - Discovering the fundamentals of management

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