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Tools for his professional practice

Develop your research in a scientific team

Context & objective

The research process is both individual and collective. As part of a doctoral project, the doctoral student must acquire the tools allowing him to be quickly effective in his scientific practice. They also have to manage their motivation, work within a team or in conjunction with a scientific network.

> Provide the tools to fit into a project and a research team
> Develop researcher autonomy
> Be able to work in a network


Module 1: Online monitoring and research tools

  • Discover useful tools to structure your research process

  • Appropriate and experiment with these tools

  • Automate your monitoring

Module 2: Self-coaching tools

  • Identify the practices of his colleagues and his laboratory

  • Manage your time and your motivation

  • Experiment and determine your own motivational levers

  • Establish your own strategy for managing time and work rhythms

Module 3: Networking

  • Leverage the expertise of your team and network

  • Identify the right contacts

  • Implement a network approach to intelligence

  • Use collaborative tools

Pedagogical tools and methodology

Time management and planning tools; Collaborative monitoring tools and methods; Concurrent writing approach; etc


Permanent researchers

Practical arrangements

Duration: 1.5 days

Number of participants: Up to 12 participants

Training courses

Before: Managing your time - Perfecting your monitoring and bibliographic management

After: Develop your scientific writing methodology

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