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Develop your skills

Lead a team project at the service of an innovative start-up

Context and objective

As recruiters, we are convinced that knowing how to decipher the challenges of an innovative company will allow you to boost your employability whatever your career choice: R&D project manager, team manager, technical salesperson, business unit, patent engineer or researcher with work to promote…

This training will allow you to acquire knowledge and know-how on the processes of transversal and multi-business project management. It will allow you to:

> Experiment with techniques useful for the daily management of a project, structure, work within a project team, manage time, lead a meeting

> Promote and communicate the results of a project

> Develop and become aware of one's ability to convince, analyze needs, take constraints into account, adapt & learn quickly in new fields.


Overall format:

Teams of 6 consultants (doctoral students from all disciplines) support start-ups over 7 days spread over 2 weeks. They work in project mode with milestones, a deadline and deliverables to be returned to their start-up sponsor. They study a problem encountered by entrepreneurs (Development of a strategy towards a new market; Development of a new service/product using the company's technology) and propose a solution.



From the first day, doctoral students will meet their start-up client. They will have to analyze and understand the problem and formulate a program in order to provide the elements of response. In autonomy, they will organize themselves in project mode.

Throughout the 7 days, doctoral students work with the support of experts (often doctors themselves) who will give short lectures and then answer their questions to allow them to move forward with their project. These will cover:

·  project management,

·  Economic intelligence,

·  marketing studies,

·  business model,

·  financial & budgetary aspects,

·  communication.  

In addition, a career coach will provide individual support to doctoral students to help them enhance the skills developed and identify jobs that suit them.

Different testimonials from doctors, project managers in different sectors and professional environments also punctuate the seven days, to inspire and develop the network of doctoral students.

On the 7th day, the teams submit a full report and present the results to the start-up and to a jury of experts.


Through this training, we come across benefits for doctoral students: Understanding the culture, operation & challenges of innovative companies, Acquiring skills in project management and working in a multidisciplinary team, but also developing a network in the entrepreneurial ecosystem

We also want to allow young start-ups to better understand the skills and potential of doctoral students through a concrete project: Outsource a development project that is not possible to carry out with internal resources and thus benefit from proposals innovative on their development project.

Pedagogical tools and methodology

Workshop where you will learn by doing: ability to go to the end of a project. Support from experts on various topics. You will become aware of the skills developed through a portfolio.


Doctoral students and contractual researchers

Practical arrangements

Duration: 7 days

Number of participants: Up to 50 participants

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